Omron Foundation Education Grants – Due: Open

Sidgmore Family Foundation Grants – DUE: Open
August 25, 2018
Ford Motor Corportaion Grants – DUE: Open
August 25, 2018

About OMRON Foundation, Inc.

Founded in 1989, the OMRON Foundation, Inc. (OFI) was established to coordinate the charitable efforts of all OMRON offices in the US to achieve the greatest positive social impact. The Omron Foundation is a not-for-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is funded by OMRON’s subsidiaries in North America, who contribute a portion of their sales. The Foundation divides its charitable resources to benefit the following focus areas:

Funding Description

Funding Exclusions

The Foundation generally will NOT consider requests from:

The Omron Foundation will NOT typically awards gifts for the following:


Funding Request Application Process

Application Form

Unless invited by the Omron Foundation Advisory Board to submit a full grant proposal, all applicants must first submit the attached application form including the following:

Grant Proposal

Applicants must be invited by the Foundation Board to send a full proposal. If invited, please include:

Cover Letter (one page)

Provide a brief description of organization; clear description regarding the use of funds; requested amount and how grant funds will be used within program; contact name, phone number; mailing and e-mail addresses.

Narrative (no more than three pages)

Proposal Attachments

Method of Submission

Applications and full proposals will only be accepted via e-mail at

Application Timing

Applications will be considered throughout the year.  If invited to submit a full proposal for consideration, the applicant will be notified and may then submit a full proposal.

Please direct any questions about these guidelines to the OFI Administrator, Omron Foundation Inc. via our contact us page.

Post Donation Reporting

OFI requests a simple text and graphics report, electronically where possible, including photographs, video, information, statistics or other information, detailing an applicant organization’s use of the OFI donation and its resulting impact on those who have been helped. This information may be used in internal and external OFI related news, websites, or publications.