ecoTech Grants – $500 – $2.5K – DUE: ROLLING

Lawrence Foundation – $5k-$10k – DUE: Rolling
June 8, 2021
AWS Machine Learning Research Awards – Awards vary – Applications are accepted in a rolling basis
December 13, 2021

For almost 30 years, the Captain Planet Foundation has supported educators and their work to facilitate youth-led projects that result in positive impacts to the environment of a school or community.

Captain Planet Foundation grants are intended to:
• Empower youth by providing hands-on environmental stewardship opportunities
• Inspire youth and communities to become agents of change for their environment
• Serve as a catalyst for education that uses the environment as a context for applied and STEM learning

There are two classes of support available from Captain Planet Foundation — material support in the form of predetermined supplies, training, and activities; and monetary support to fund the materials necessary to implement proposed projects that meet CPF criteria.

Material Support Grants

Project Learning Garden is Captain Planet Foundations’ holistic schoolyard garden program designed to turn schoolyard gardens into outdoor learning laboratories for multidisciplinary instruction. Schools selected to participate in Project Learning Garden are awarded with garden beds, gardening supplies, instructional supplies, a mobile cooking cart, professional development, and capacity-building valued at $2,500 per school (non-cash). The current geographic emphasis for PLG includes public schools in the Atlanta Metro region (specifically Atlanta Public Schools, Decatur, Clayton County, Cobb County, Dekalb County, Fayette County, Fulton County, Gwinnett County, Henry County, and Marietta); as well as California schools in Los Angeles County (all districts), Ventura County (all districts), and Santa Barbara County
(all districts). Other regions and school districts in the U.S. are occasionally included as initiatives of specific funding partners. Schools and organizations outside of the prioritized geographic regions can directly purchase assets from the PLG program with self-funding through the CPF store (coming soon).

ecoSTEM Resource Kits are curated material and activity kits organized by environmental theme (i.e. Renewable Energy, Water Quality, PolliNation, and Earth Soil & Decomposition). Perfect for teachers just getting started with project-based learning or who are new to using the environment as context for learning! ecoSTEM Kits provide a class set of materials that can be used and reused to carry out investigations, engineering design challenges, citizen science projects, and stewardship projects. ecoSTEM Resource Kits are available three ways: 1) Directly from CPF by receiving a Material Support Grant; or 3) Directly purchased with self-funding through the CPF store (coming soon).

Monetary Support Grants

ecoTech Grants support projects that leverage technology to achieve greater or innovative environmental outcomes (this does not include simply adding iPads, tablets, or other smart devices to a project). Available as cash grants of $2,500, these grants support purchase of materials and other expenses required to implement the project. ecoSolution Grants are CPF’s broadest category of monetary support for youth-led environmental projects. Available as cash grants for $500 – $2,500, these grants support purchase of materials and other expenses required to implement the project.

Captain Planet Foundation’s ecoSTEM Kits were curated to engage students in project-based learning, including observing phenomena, conducting inquiry investigations, making models, collecting data for citizen science projects, creating solutions to engineering challenges, and conducting environmental stewardship projects to solve real-world problems. Each kit contains supplies for 32 students.

Choose from 4 exciting kits, for use with Next Generation Science Standards, GA Standards of Excellence in Science, and state standards in Three-Dimensional Science. A limited supply of kits are available as Material Support Grants through CPF.
• Limit 1 kit per application
• Educators (formal and informal), schools and eligible nonprofits that meet CPF funding criteria are welcome to apply
• Applications and awards work on the same schedule as ecoSolution grants

Applicant organizations eligible for monetary support through Captain Planet Foundation must:
• Be exempt from federal taxation under the IRS Section 501 (includes most schools and nonprofit organizations), or have a fiscal sponsor that meets this criterion.
• Maintain an annual operating budget of less than $3 million (only for nonprofits)
[Note to interested organizations based outside of the US: CPF’s support of international work takes place with strategic partnerships with other major organizations. See External Opportunities for other environmental grants outside of CPF offerings.]

Monetary support from CPF may be used for direct expenses associated with proposed projects. Preference is given to requests that have secured match or in-kind funding commitments to support projects.


Applications are accepted March 15 through July 15 and September 15 through January 15, annually.

All Captain Planet Foundation grant applications are administered through the CPF Grant Portal. You’ll need to create an account to submit an application. Be sure to review all requirements and the full application before submitting.