Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program – $3500 – due Nov 1, annually

Project Lead The Way STEM Grants – Awards vary – Jul 1 through Jun 30, annually
January 3, 2022

Sponsored by Department of Navy

Eligibility:            Private, Public, Charter, Other (including homeschool, 501 (c)(3) organizations)

Award(s):           For new participants, stipends are $3,500 for eight weeks, and $4,000 for returning participants.

Deadline(s):       Applications are due November 1, annually.

Focus:   Career and College Readiness, Engineering, Interning/Mentoring/Apprenticeship, Scholarships/Fellowships, STEM/STEAM/STREAM, Technology Education/Computer Science

Grade Level(s):  9-12

Content Area(s):             Mathematics, Science

Themes and Skills:          Critical Thinking

State(s):              National

Description:       The Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (SEAP) provides an opportunity for students to participate in research at a Department of Navy (DoN) laboratory during the summer. The goals of SEAP are to encourage participating students to pursue science and engineering careers, to further their education via mentoring by laboratory personnel and their participation in research, to make them aware of DoN research and technology efforts, and to prepare students to serve as positive role models for their peers by encouraging other high school students to take more science and mathematics courses.

Participating students spend eight weeks during the summer doing research at DoN laboratories. The competition is open to high school students who have completed at least grade 9 and are US citizens. A graduating senior is also eligible to apply. Applications must be submitted online.

Contact:              Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program

Phone: 703.530.9523 Ext. 7