Quadratec ‘Energize The Environment’ Grants – DUE: Rolling

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August 6, 2018
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August 12, 2018

Amount: $3,500
Deadline: June 30th and October 30th

Our Program

Starting this year we are taking our love for all things environmental and asking you – or your organization – to tell us why you feel you’d make a great fit for our grant program. We are offering two $3,500 environmental grants per year – one each in the spring and fall – to an individual or group currently pursuing a program or initiative designed to benefit our environment.

Some examples of this would be:

  • Trail building or restoration projects
  • Park beautification events
  • Litter prevention initiatives
  • Earth Study missions
  • Sustainable Land Management activities
  • Community environmental educational projects
  • Youth educational engagement events

Interested individuals or groups should submit a 1000-1600 word essay to grants@quadratec.com that paints a picture of who you or your organization are, what drives and inspires you or your organization, what you or the organization are looking to accomplish, and how you plan to apply our grant to your project.

Please submit your essay as a PDF (preferred) or Microsoft Word document to be eligible for consideration.


All essays must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. EST on June 30th to be considered for the fall grant, and 11:59 p.m. EST October 30th for the spring grant. Each winner will be notified within 20 days following the end of each grant’s submission window.

The recipient or organization will receive a one-time $3,500 payment to be used exclusively towards stated project. Only one grant will be awarded per individual or organization per year. Grant funds are not transferable to other individuals or groups, nor are they renewable. However, previous winners may apply for a new grant once one calendar year elapses.

The recipients of each Quadratec Cares ‘Energize The Environment’ Grant will be asked to issue a receipt for the grant. We may also ask for photos of the project and create press releases or blog articles, etc. as appropriate. We may ask that a Quadratec banner, or other materials, be displayed during the project – if applicable.

Who Is Eligible?

Any individual, group, or organization in the United States who has a love for all things environmental, and has an idea or event designed to help improve our environment, is eligible. Any questions or clarification on what constitutes eligibility can be emailed to grants@quadratec.com.

Quadratec Cares ‘Energize The Environment’ Grant Program Goals

Quadratec recognizes that our position as a leading aftermarket supplier for 4×4 vehicles – such as Jeeps – also gives us a responsibility to help support enthusiasts working towards improving our environment. By doing so, we believe all of us can positively influence a new generation of outdoor lovers, help keep our recreational facilities and trails free of litter, and promote a better understanding of what makes our environmental world tick.

About Quadratec

Since 1990, Quadratec has proudly provided the best parts and Jeep accessories available, while giving back to our community through individual, group and event sponsorships – such as our highly anticipated Jeep BBQ in Moab, Utah during the Easter Jeep Safari. Our company is comprised of Jeep enthusiasts use the products we sell and value the Jeep culture. And we all operate under one defining principle: Provide the highest level of service and top quality products to all our customers – every single day.

Quadratec is headquartered just outside of Philadelphia, PA with an office and warehouse that allows us to exceed our customer’s needs.

By submitting an entry to Quadratec’s ‘Energize The Environment’ Grant Program, you transfer all rights and ownership of submitted content to Quadratec, regardless of whether your entry is selected as a winner. Quadratec reserves the right to publish portions of submitted work at the conclusion of the entry period. Selections of winning submissions are entirely at the discretion of Quadratec’s carefully-selected grant panel. Winner(s) will be contacted by Quadratec via the email address used for submission. If only five or less eligible entries are received by the grant submission date, Quadratec reserves the right to cancel the Quadratec ‘Energize The Environment’ Grant Program for that period. For additional questions or concerns, please email us at grants@quadratec.com.

FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT: https://www.quadratec.com/page/quadratec-cares-grant-program