Organizational Change for Gender Equity in STEM Academic Professions – up to $1,000,000 – due Aug 1, 2022

NSF Research Traineeship Program: Innovations in Graduate Education – Awards vary – due Dec 6, 2022
December 30, 2021
Project Lead The Way STEM Grants – Awards vary – Jul 1 through Jun 30, annually
January 3, 2022

Sponsored by National Science Foundation

Eligibility:             Other (including homeschool, 501 (c)(3) organizations), Public, Private

Award(s):             Approximately two IT grants up to $3 million for five years; six Adaptation grants up to $1 million for three years; six Partnership grants up to $1 million for three to five years; and six Catalyst grants up to $300,000 for two years are awarded.

Deadline(s):         Partnership and Adaptation Letters of Intent are due August 1, 2022.

Focus:   Engineering, Native/Tribal American, Professional Development, Special Needs, STEM/STEAM/STREAM, Technology Education/Computer Science, Technology Equipment/Devices, Underserved Populations/At Risk

Grade Level(s):   Higher Ed

Content Area(s):               Mathematics, Science

Themes and Skills:           Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving

State(s):               National

Description:        The Organizational Change for Gender Equity in STEM Academic Professions (ADVANCE) program invites systematic approaches to improve the representation and advancement of women in academic science and engineering careers and to develop innovative ways to promote gender equity in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workforce. The program is all about responding to the national need for developing a more diverse and talented science and engineering workforce. Both women and men are encouraged to provide creative strategies to excite women faculty with earned STEM degrees about academia as a viable and attractive career choice. Proposals that foster participation and advancement of academic women from underrepresented minority groups and women with disabilities are given particular attention.

All NSF ADVANCE proposals are expected to use intersectional approaches in the design of systemic change strategies for STEM faculty in recognition that gender, race and ethnicity do not exist in isolation from each other and from other categories of social identity. The solicitation includes four funding tracks: Institutional Transformation (IT), Adaptation, Partnership, and Catalyst. Eligible applicants are nonprofit two- and four-year US universities and colleges, including community colleges, acting on behalf of their faculty members. In addition, nonprofit, non-academic organizations that are directly associated with educational or research activities are also eligible. Applications must be submitted online.

Contact:              Jessie DeAro, Program Director

The National Science Foundation

4201 Wilson Blvd.

Arlington, VA 22230

Phone: 703.292.5350