Computer Science for All: Researcher Practitioner Partnerships – Up to $2,000,000 – Due Feb 9, 2022 and the second Wednesday in Feb, annually

Computer Grants – Up to 10 Computers – Due Feb 28, May 31, Aug 31, and Nov 30, annually
December 14, 2021
Conferences and Workshops in the Mathematical Sciences – Awards vary – Due year-round
December 14, 2021

Sponsored by National Science Foundation, Directorate for Education and Human Resources, and Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering

Eligibility:            Public, Private, Other (including homeschool, 501 (c)(3) organizations)

Award(s):           Grants up to $2 million are awarded.

Deadline(s):       Applications are due February 9, 2022 and the second Wednesday in February, annually thereafter.

Focus:   General Education, Native/Tribal American, Professional Development, Technology Education/Computer Science, Underserved Populations/At Risk

Grade Level(s):  9-12, Higher Ed, K-2, PreK, 3-5, 6-8

Themes and Skills:          Collaboration, Communication, Digital Literacy, Media Literacy

State(s):              National

Description:       The National Science Foundation seeks proposals to implement researcher-practitioner partnerships that provide opportunities for elementary, middle, and high school students to participate in computer science and computational thinking education in their schools. There is a priority to significantly address groups traditionally underrepresented or underserved in computing including African Americans, Alaska Natives, American Indians, Hispanic Americans, Native Hawaiians, Native Pacific Islanders, persons with disabilities, persons from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and women. Project activities should foster design, implementation, scale, and research in one of three following strands:

• High school: provide preparation, professional development, and ongoing support to teachers to enable them to teach rigorous computer science courses.

• Prekindergarten through grade 8: design, develop, and pilot instructional materials that prepare teachers to integrate computer science and computational thinking into prekindergarten through grade 8 classrooms.

• Prekindergarten through grade 12 or prekindergarten through grade 14 pathways: support school districts in developing policies and supports for incorporating computer science and computational thinking across all grades and potentially into introductory levels at community or four-year colleges and universities.

Contact:              Jeffrey Forbes, Program Director

National Science Foundation

2415 Eisenhower Ave.

Alexandria, VA 22314

Phone: 703.292.8950