Herb Garden Grant – Due 10-1-18

As a recipient from the estate of Donald Samull, The Herb Society of America established an herb garden grant for elementary school classes grades 3 through 6. These grants ensure that the use of herbs in teaching elementary school students will continue for years to come, a tradition Mr. Samull — an elementary school teacher — used in his classroom to engage and inspire his 3rd–6th grade students.

Public and/or private 3rd through 6th grade teachers, with classes of a minimum of fifteen (15) students may apply for an indoor or an outdoor herb garden grant.

The Herb Society of America will select ten (10) schools/classrooms to receive $200 “Seed Money” to establish an indoor or outdoor herb garden. The funds may be used for supplies such as soil, plant trays, containers, child or youth sized tools, etc. The school may need to seek additional funding and support from other sources.

Application deadline for 2018-19 academic year: October 1, 2018 with awards announced December 1, 2018

Each recipient of the Samull Classroom Herb Garden Grant will be asked to sign a contract and write a brief report at the culmination of their project. Photos and written descriptions of the winning projects may be used by The Herb Society of America in promotional materials.