Sidgmore Family Foundation Grants – DUE: Open

Waste Management Environmental Grants – DUE: Open
August 25, 2018
Omron Foundation Education Grants – Due: Open
August 25, 2018

In recognition that an impoverished environment limits the possibilities for people
to develop and thrive, we are particularly interested in funding organizations that…

  • IMPROVE the quality of education and teacher training.
  • FURTHER the advancement of knowledge in the field of medicine with a special emphasis on hearing and cardiology.
  • UTILIZE entrepreneurial skills to explore and develop creative, scalable, an sustainable solutions to critical social problems.
  • PROVIDE support and services to those in need in the Washington DC area.

Awards to organizations that have a clear, replicable plan for success, measured sustainable results, and high approval ratings from charity evaluator organizations, such as Charity Navigator.

Multi-year grants that can sustain a program or project.

DC Capital Fund Awards – Grants to organizations that provide support and services to those in our nation’s capital and have been approved for inclusion in the Greater Washington Catalogue for Philanthropy.

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