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NAPE wins $100k from Motorola for Girls in STEM

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Motorola Grant Enables NAPE Education Foundation to Increase STEM Access for Underrepresented Groups

The National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity’s (NAPE) Education Foundation has received a $100,000 grant from the Motorola Solutions Foundation, the charitable arm of Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI), as part of the Innovation Generation grants program.

Through the Motorola grant, NAPE’s STEM Equity Pipeline will provide intensive professional development to 150
administrators, counselors, and faculty to implement research-based practices designed to increase access, success, and post-secondary transition of girls and other underrepresented groups in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

NAPE launched the STEM Equity Pipeline Project in 2007 with funding from the National Science Foundation. The Project works with high school and community college teams of educators throughout the country to increase the participation of underrepresented populations in STEM education.

Last year, NAPE received a Motorola Solutions Foundation local grant to work with five high schools in the Illinois Unified School District 46 in Elgin, IL. Based on the successful outcomes of that grant program, the 2012 grant will provide resources for continuing the work in Elgin, Illinois; Sacramento, California; and San Jose, California “The need for a larger, stronger, and more diverse workforce in STEM is a critical and highly visible national issue,” says
Mimi Lufkin, Chief Executive Officer of NAPE.
Noting that women in STEM jobs earn 33 percent more than those in non-STEM occupations, while the wage gap between men and women in STEM jobs is significantly smaller than in other fields, Lufkin asserts, “If we are going to out-innovate and out-educate the rest of the world, we have no choice but to jump-start girls’ interest in STEM and boost the percentage of women employed in STEM-related fields.”

Since 2007, Motorola’s Innovation Generation grants program has provided $30 million in support of STEM education programs, supporting more than 300 school, museum, and nonprofit programs across the United States. The program funds organizations that ignite passion and interest in STEM subjects and careers for teachers and U.S. preschool through university students – especially girls and underrepresented minorities.

“Each year, I am truly amazed by the ground-breaking work our grant recipients like NAPE accomplish through their Innovation Generation grants,” says Matt Blakely, director, Motorola Solutions Foundation. “These grantees are playing an active role in developing the future of STEM education for our country. As a company dedicated to helping people be their best in the moments that matter, Motorola Solutions could not be more honored to support programs such as NAPE.”

Innovation Generation is a part of Motorola Solutions’ larger commitment to engaging youth in STEM education. Beyond funding, NAPE will receive ongoing support from Motorola Solutions employee volunteers, who will act as mentors, tutors and experts in STEM careers.

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