Mathematics Course Work for Pre-K – 5 Teachers – Due: 11/02/18

Mathematics Graduate Course Work for 6-8 Teachers – Due: 11/02/18
September 15, 2018
Emerging Teachers-Leaders in Elementary School Mathematics – Due: 11/02/18
September 15, 2018

$3,200 – The purpose of this grant is to provide financial support for improving teachers’ understanding of mathematics by completing course work in mathematics. For 2019-20, scholarships with a maximum of $3,200 each will be awarded to persons currently teaching at the grades Pre-K-5 level. Primary emphasis is placed on appropriate mathematics content courses. Mathematics education courses may also qualify if a suitable rationale is furnished by the applicant. Proposals must address the following: rationale for the coursework, anticipated instructional improvements and expected impact on student learning outcomes.

The applicant must (1) be a current (on or before October 12, 2018) Essential or Premium member of NCTM or teach at a school with a current (on or before October 12, 2018) NCTM Pre-K-8 school membership ; (2) have taught school mathematics for at least three years; and (3) intend to remain in teaching. No person(s) may receive more than one award administered by the Mathematics Education Trust in the same academic year. Past recipients of this scholarship are not eligible to reapply. Activities are to be completed between June 1, 2019, and May 31, 2020.

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