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Create an Ad for Yuri’s Night – Win a trip aboard Zero G + $1k travel

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A Call to Humanity

Space Exploration Advertisement Competition

Yuri’s Night organizers are looking for talented men and women who can create a powerful and inspiring print ad that would move people to think about space and support humanity’s future among the stars. As we celebrate 50 years of human space exploration on Yuri’s Night this April 12th, it is more important than ever to ensure that humankind continues to explore the final frontier.

This ad could be a poster, magazine advertisement, postcard etc. that will inspire and empower people to go to space and create an inspiring future for humanity.

Organizers want a piece that summons a sense of wonder at the utter vastness of the cosmos and our overwhelmingly fragile place in it.  They want a piece that that awakens a feeling of unity with all mankind, and that we are up to the challenge of becoming a species worthy of settling the galaxy - and that Yuri’s launch was merely the first step in an endless human journey to the stars.

The winner would capture the spirit and tone of the 3 minute YouTube Video “NASA – The Frontier is Everywhere” in a print medium to spread the meme to another million people.

THE GRAND PRIZE is a Zero-G flight aboard an Ilyushin-76in Russia – and a $1,000 flight voucher for travel!

SUBMIT your entry by uploading the image to the Official Yuri’s Night Facebook Wall with a title and brief description.

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