Classroom Research Grants (Pre-K – 6) – Due: 11/02/18

Teacher Professional Development (Pre-K – 5) – Due: 11/2/18
September 15, 2018
Discovery Research PreK-12 (DRK 12)- Due: 11/14/2018
September 15, 2018

$6,000 – The purpose of this grant is to support and encourage classroom-based research in precollege mathematics education in collaboration with college or university mathematics educators. For 2019-20, grants with a maximum of $6,000 each will be awarded to mathematics educators or classroom teachers* currently teaching mathematics at the grades Pre-K-6 level. The research must be a collaborative effort involving a college or university mathematics educator (a mathematics education researcher or a teacher of mathematics learning, teaching, or curriculum) and one or more grades Pre-K-6 classroom teachers. The proposal may include, but is not restricted to, research on the following topics:

• Curriculum development and implementation
• Involvement of at-risk students or students from diverse backgrounds and experiences.
• Students’ thinking about a particular mathematics concept or set of concepts
• Connection of mathematics to other disciplines
• Focused learning and teaching of mathematics with embedded use of technology (any acquisition of equipment must support the proposed plan but not be the primary focus of the grant)
• Innovative assessment or evaluation strategies

(*The definition of a classroom teacher is an individual who spends half or more of his/her work time teaching in the classroom.)

Involvement of preservice teachers is encouraged but not required. This research should lead to a draft article suitable for submission in the Mathematics Teacher Educator, Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, or in one of the NCTM school journals. Proposals must address the following: research design, the plan for collecting and analyzing data, and the anticipated impact on students’ learning.

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