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Awards for Pre-K thru 2nd Grade Teachers doing Innovative Science Inquiry

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A partnership of the Zula International and the National Science Teachers Association, this award recognizes two pre-Kindergarten through second grade school teachers, who have innovative science inquiry programs in early education.  One award will honor a member of either the National Science Teachers Association or the Council of Elementary Science International, while the second will honor a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children or the National Head Start Association. The award consists of $400, and $1000 to attend the NSTA National Conference on Science Education. The recipient of the Award will be honored during the Awards Banquet at the NSTA Conference. The winning selection will become part of NSTA’s and Zula International’s Web sites and thus available for use by other early childhood teachers and students. Award recipients agree to:
* Correspond by email, and possibly other means, with early childhood science teachers to share experiences and information related to lessons selected
* Encourage students to share their work on the project with children in schools around the world, via Internet and other means.
* Cooperate with NSTA as this information is collected in ways designed to improve the teaching of science in early childhood school setting.
* Local press coverage.

Applicants must be a full time teacher with membership in NSTA, CESI, NAEYC, or NHSA, and teach pre-kindergarten through second grade .

Demonstration of science inquiry innovation in the early childhood education classroom, which includes:

* Effective planning skills that includes:

a. Program goals b. curriculum c. implementation d. execution, outcomes

* Demonstrated impact and engagement of students, families, and the community

* Support of early education science standards

* Meet proper safety procedures


* Completed application form with signature

*  A narrative describing the nominee’s innovative science inquiry program/practices, science implementation techniques, parent/family engagement, and student/family outcomes and impact, not to exceed 500 words.
* Two lessons (not to exceed 3 pages, each) supporting the objectives described above, along with examples of student work representative of that lesson. Supplemental sample materials, documents, and/or photographs are encouraged (drawings, digital photographs, journal entries, etc…).

* Two letters of support: one from an education colleague who can describe the merit of the applicant’s work, and one from a parent involved in the science program. Letters should not exceed three pages each. Letters of support should accompany packet. Letters sent separately will not be considered

* Attach a resume or vita, not exceeding two pages, which includes a brief description of your

teaching experience, education, and previous awards and recognition.

*  All correspondence must be in 12 point Times New Roman font.

* Label each section and number each page.

Upon receipt, applications become property of NSTA. Applications will not be returned to applicants. Late or faxed applications will not be accepted. All material must be submitted at the same time using the online submission process established for this award. Completed applications must be received by November 30.

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