Air Force Educator Grant – DUE: 12-15-18

Barron Prize – $10k to Young People doing Community Service – DUE 4-15-18
December 14, 2018


The Air Force Association believes that one of the most significant means to affect student learning is to fund grants to meet the unmet and unfunded educational needs of students. Each school year, the Association awards grants to worthy projects that significantly influence student learning.

The Association will accept grant applications from September 1 – December 15, 2018. The grant process is competitive in nature. A committee comprised of outside experts in the field of aerospace education will review all qualified grant applications and make recommendations on funding. Based up the funding available, the Association will choose to invest in projects that best serve our nations students and support the mission of the Air Force Association.

The Educator Grant program promotes aerospace education activities in classrooms from kindergarten through twelfth grades. The program encourages development of innovative aerospace activities within the prescribed curriculum.

Sponsored by AFA’s Aerospace Education Programs Platinum Sponsor, Rolls Royce



All requests for funding must conform to the grant guidelines and submission instructions to be considered. Failure to complete any of the required information will result on the rejection of the proposal.

Grants are judged on a competitive basis and may not be funded or may be only partially funded.

Funds must be used on the proposed items. Funds must be used within six months of approval or the funds will revert back to the Association.

The Educator Grant program promotes aerospace education activities in classrooms from kindergarten through twelfth grades.

Grant recipients should include the Association in any publicity regarding their grant.

Grant recipients will be expected to announce their grant to the parents of students participating, to the school faculty and in a school publication.

Teachers are encouraged to send pictures of the project in use by the students as well as copies of any publicity involving the project and related activities.

One grant per teacher, maximum of two teachers per school, will be considered under this program.

Preference will be given to proposed activities that relate to aerospace science and technologies.

Acceptable activities may include but are not limited to:
Classroom science or technology demonstration kits
Classroom science supplies
Science and technology software for K-12 use
Science manipulatives
Supplies for making flying objects
Supplies for robotic program

Funds will not be considered for the following:
Registration fees for competitions
T-shirts, promotional items or awards
Teacher workshop fees
Activities that benefit less than 15 students

A grant report must be submitted no later than six months from the date the grant is awarded. Grant fund expenditures are the responsibility of the grant winner and an itemized list of expenditures must be included in the final grant report. If not received within the time period the applicant will not be eligible for future grants until a report is submitted and received by the Association.